13 May, 2022

Kubler, Koblet: birth of cool at the 1954 Giro.

Edited by De Marchi

Two figures who contributed significantly to establishing a golden age of style in cycling, aside from the immortal Coppi and Fiorenzo Magni (above all for his exquisite courtesy), were undoubtedly two Swiss riders: Ferdinand Kubler and Hugo Koblet, immortalized in different photos that reveal all the charm and modernity of two timeless athletes, true masters of elegance on a bicycle. Koblet, known as the blond angel, was famous for his Mastroianni-style wavy hair and his impractical but ultra-chic tortoise shell rimmed glasses, almost always competing with small but priceless watches; Kubler bore a vague resemblance to Coppi and always rode with aviator sunglasses and back-to front cap like a modern-day rapper. Together, besides being famous above all for their sporting achievements (Kubler was a world and Tour de France winner; Koblet, Giro d’Italia and Tour de France winner), they were also known for the air of modernity they lent to the image of cycling at the time of the Dolce Vita. They were, in their own right, the most chic cyclists of all time.

from “Dawn of the pros”, the book about the birth of the cycling aesthetic during the Golden age, now available for purchase at demarchi.com

“Ferdi” Kubler with the Swiss Champion jersey & Hugo Koblet at the 1954 Giro d’Italia

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