02 October, 2023

How to Dress for Fall Cycling: Tips for Cyclists of All Levels

Edited by De Marchi

Autumn is a spectacular season for cycling enthusiasts, but the changing weather can challenge even the most experienced riders. The crucial question is: “How to dress for cycling in the fall?”. In this article, we will explore the essentials of Fall Cycling Apparel, providing useful tips for cyclists of all levels.

The Key Principle: Layering

The buzzword for fall cycling is “layering.” Given the daily temperature fluctuations, layering clothing is the best solution to ensure comfort while riding.

Start with a Cycling Base Layer that retains heat but wicks moisture away from the skin. For those more sensitive to the cold, a long sleeve cycling jersey or a cycling jacket is a must to retain body heat.

For protection from wind and rain, make sure to have a wind-resistant vest or jacket at hand.

Choosing Between Long Sleeves and Short Sleeves

The decision between long-sleeved and short-sleeved cycling apparel depends on the temperature and the intensity of the workout. Long sleeves are perfect for consistent and cooler temperatures, while leg warmers and arm warmers provide flexibility and can be added or removed during the ride. These cycling accessories are very versatile as they can be easily added or removed as needed.

Gloves: Fundamental for Comfort

Don’t overlook the critical role of good cycling gloves.

Choose wind and waterproof gloves to keep your hands warm and dry, ensuring a safer grip on the handlebars in all weather. It’s vital to pick a light, breathable fabric to avoid sweat and discomfort on long rides.

A good pair of cycling gloves protects from the weather and increases comfort, helping you focus on the road and enhancing your performance. Remember, comfort and protection are key in cycling. Invest in quality gloves that offer both.

Keeping Feet Dry and Warm

Invest in shoe covers and toe covers to keep your feet dry and warm. Toe covers protect the front of the shoe, while shoe covers provide more comprehensive protection from wind and rain. Every cyclist who has ridden in the rain knows the importance of keeping their feet warm and, most importantly, dry. It significantly affects morale and the comfort of your cycling outing.

Check out our variety of shoe covers.

Head and Neck Protection

Protect your head and neck with a neck warmer and a lightweight fabric cap on cooler days. If temperatures approach freezing, opt for a heavier Skull Cap. The classic fabric cap and the neck warmer are perfect for shielding them from sudden gusts of wind, both during the fall and winter. The heavier Skull Cap can be used, especially when temperatures are near freezing.

With the right clothing, you can enjoy fall cycling in all its beauty, regardless of the weather conditions. Choose your gear carefully, hop on your bike, and fully embrace the magic of autumn rides.

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