14 July, 2022

How to: layer up in Spring and Summer

Edited by De Marchi

A good base layer can make a world of difference. Differently from just until a few years ago, new materials, both natural and synthetics, can provide insulation with very little weight and virtually no bulk.

What modern, technical base layers do is to wick sweat from your body to help regulate body temperature in any condition, so that you can stay dry and warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

At De Marchi we have a range of base layer with different materials and fit for riding in all conditions. Here are our Spring and Summer specific ones:

Carezza Merino Base Layer

De Marchi has been a pioneer in Merino, the name of one of the most versatile wool quality. Extremely lightweight and comfortable next to the skin, this Base layer is perfect for training and racing throughout most Spring and up to Early Summer. Naturally anti-bacteria and odor resistant, the Carezza Base Layer is entirely made in Italy. Slim fit. Unisex.

Leggera Base Layer

Made from a microfiber mesh, the Leggera is lighter than the Carezza and wick sweat away from the body as quick as it forms to deliver all-day freshness during your Spring and Summer rides. Made in Italy. Close, race fit. Unisex.

Superleggera Base Layer

Perfect for hot and humid weather, the Superleggera sleeveless undershirt incorporates silk for the first time to create our lightest and fastest-drying base layer yet.

A forgotten fabric, Silk does not only belong to the red carpet. Now brought back to life thanks to its unique features, it’s naturally antibacterial, odor resistant and UV-protective. Mixed with polyester and spandex, it becomes our most technical hot-weather fabric ever. Made in Italy. Close, race fit. Unisex.

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