27 October, 2023

New Revo Winter Cycling Gloves

Edited by De Marchi

A newcomer in the Revo cycling gloves family: discover a new concept of comfort!

Redefine the concept of comfort for your hands with Revo Winter cycling gloves. Crafted in collaboration with Elastic Interface, a leader in ergonomic cycling solutions, these winter gloves epitomize innovation and design excellence, providing cyclists with unparalleled comfort, superior performance, and an classy look.

Elastic Interface® PalmTech Slim Seamless Palm

The innovative glove palm is seamless and features special high-density foams that absorb vibrations, ensuring exceptional comfort during every winter ride. These winter cycling gloves alleviate pressure on the ulnar nerve and significantly improve blood flow to the hands and arms like no other glove in the world.

REVO WINTER Gloves: Fabrics

The back of REVO cycling gloves is made with a tri-layer Water Resistant membrane, which protects against rain and wind, allowing your hands to stay dry and warm during winter rides:

Safety and Visibility

Maximum visibility is a crucial aspect when cycling in low light conditions, especially as the days get shorter. The high-visibility inserts in De Marchi Revo winter cycling gloves enhance your safety, allowing you to ride with confidence even when the sun has set. Put them on quickly.

Discover Winter Cycling with Style.

Revo cycling gloves are the result of an ongoing commitment to providing high-quality apparel for cyclists. The continuous quest to maximize comfort embodies our passion and dedication to creating products that meet the expectations of even the most demanding cyclists.

By wearing our cycling gloves, you can tackle winter with style and confidence in adverse weather conditions and low visibility. Every detail of these gloves has been carefully designed, with a focus on functionality, comfort, and durability. Furthermore, our collaboration with Elastic InterfaceⓇ ensures unparalleled performance.

The Revo Winter Gloves are destined to become an essential accessory for cyclists who don’t want to stop when winter arrives. Thanks to their cutting-edge design and innovative technology, these gloves allow you to maintain peak performance even in the harshest conditions.

Join us in exploring winter cycling with style and safety. Discover the De Marchi Revo Winter Glove, prepare your bike, and set off on unforgettable winter adventures!

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