11 September, 2023

Our Best Cycling Jerseys: The Most Loved Models

Edited by Alessandro Vecchiato

Choosing the perfect cycling jersey is an important step for anyone who rides his bike as a sport or as a hobby. A decision that should never be underestimated because various details directly affect your comfort during your rides, and it’s worth examining them carefully: fabric, fit, size, and, of course, the type of cyclist you are and the type of cycling you practice. 


When Performance is the Only Thing that Matters: Our Cycling Jersey for road bike racers

FABRIC: Silk Microfiber. An ultra-lightweight, extremely thin yet highly elastic fabric that allows for an overall weight savings on the garment and enables you to wear this special short-sleeve cycling jersey like a second skin.  

CUT AND FIT: Very Close Fit for Improved Aerodynamic Performance, with a Sharply Cut Designed for Cyclists Seeking Pure Performance and Who Love to Transfer All the Power in Their Legs to the Pedals. 

TEMPERATURE RANGE: +25 Degrees Celsius. The uniqueness of the Superlight jersey is precisely due to its extreme thinness, providing outstanding breathability. This special feature becomes the key to high-performance cycling, especially in very hot and dry climates. It can easily be paired with our dedicated base layers and other accessories when an extra layer is needed to protect against cloudy days or cooler air.

TYPE OF CYCLING: Designed for road cyclists, this cycling jersey is perfect for riders who are looking for a highly technical garment with exceptional qualities, aiming for maximum performance. 


Crafted from sustainable sources, Light Eco is the choice for those seeking a balance between comfort and performance. Available in both men’s and women’s versions. 

FABRIC: Sustainable microfiber sourced from recycled materials. A very thin and highly elastic microfiber that allows Leggera Eco to quickly adapt to your body. Being a thin material, its overall weight is truly minimized.

CUT AND FIT: Slim Fit with a slightly tapered cut, slightly more comfortable than a true Race Fit but still very snug, for improved aerodynamic performance and to minimize wrinkles.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: +25 Degrees Celsius. The Leggera Eco cycling jersey has been developed for hot climates, suitable for long training sessions, whether intense or moderate. The high breathability of the fabric is combined with micro-perforations located on the upper back, a system that helps your body dissipate more heat and increases the air-contact surface for an unparalleled feeling of comfort.

TYPE OF CYCLING: Leggera Eco is suitable for both road cycling and gravel riding. It’s the perfect companion for all your cycling adventures, making it a must-have for those who like to have a versatile piece of cycling apparel in their wardrobe. It always performs well, whether you’re enjoying a leisurely ride or pushing yourself during intense training sessions.


Our Classic Jersey has become an icon among short-sleeve cycling jerseys. In our catalog, you can find it in both men’s and women’s versions

FABRIC: Sportwool. A blend of technical wool and sustainable synthetic fibers that offers many benefits, including optimizing thermoregulation: just when significant changes in pace are required, the body temperature remains constant, giving you a continuous feeling of well-being.

CUT AND FIT: The cut of this cycling jersey is slim, so it’s slightly tapered but less restrictive compared to other jerseys, making it suitable for cyclists who prefer comfort and a soft feel against the skin.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: 15-26 Degrees Celsius. Suitable for spring days and damp conditions, perfect for cycling in moderately warm temperatures. When paired with our Arm Warmers and technical base layers, it becomes ideal as the temperatures start to drop. Especially in those moments when a long-sleeve jersey would be excessively warm to wear.

TYPE OF CYCLING: It can be used for both road cycling and gravel riding. To maximize its performance, this jersey is ideal for those who love touring or adventure cycling, for those who enjoy exploring new horizons, and for anyone who appreciates high-performance cycling apparel.


Colorful and sporty, the Tropea Jersey is dedicated to all those cyclists who enjoy cycling without the stress of performance at all costs. Available in both men’s and women’s version. 

FABRIC: Lightweight Polyester. The Tropea Cycling Jersey has been developed using lightweight and sustainable Microfiber worked in Interlock and treated with Hydrofit technology, allowing the garment to provide high breathability, quickly wicking sweat away from the body, and offering a soft feel against the skin. The sleeves and sides are made of mesh to enhance air circulation within the garment.

CUT AND FIT: Slightly tapered Slim Fit, allowing this cycling jersey to fit nicely and flatteringly on the bodya 

TEMPERATURE RANGE: +25-35 Degrees Celsius. This cycling jersey is designed for early outings in late spring and early summer when a slightly more durable yet not overly heavy fabric is needed.

TYPE OF CYCLING: Designed for both road cycling and gravel riding. It’s dedicated to those who enjoy stress-free rides without the constant pressure to perform at their best, but who don’t mind pushing the pedals when necessary.

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